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04 Sep 2519 – 09 Sep 2519 – Game 01: Purpose and Place
Allyne Stone gathers his crew on an experimental prototype ship, christened Space Otter, and they get down to work.

10 Sep 2519 – 10 Sep 2519 – Game 02: Kaleidoscope Scuffle
Space Otter’s crew picks up a new ship’s doctor during a routine goods delivery … and pick up a prisoner, as well as a few scratches on the hull.

11 Sep 2519 – 21 Sep 2519 – Game 03: Breadcrumb Trails
The crew deliver their prisoner to the proper authorities and pick up cargo for an outlying settlement on Kaleidoscope and for Greenleaf.

21 Sep 2519- 22 Sep 2519 – Game 04: Gathering Elements
The crew passes muster on their background checks and ship inspection and they are allowed to land. Once on the dirt, they get paid for their cargo run and immediately go in 50/50 with another crew on a lucrative delivery. The other crew is none other than Malcolm Reynolds’, famed of the Miranda Wave. Over the next day, the two crews mingle with mixed but generally favorable results as they wait to load the cargo.

22 Sep 2519 – 24 Sep 2519 – Game 05: Diversions
The crews of Space Otter and Serenity enjoy a dinner together before lifting off with cargo bound for Harvest. Serenity falls to bounty hunters en route and Space Otter rescues her. Neither of the crews suffer casualties and one of the hostiles is taken prisoner and questioned.

24 Sep 2519 – 26 Sep 2519 – Game 06: Interrogations and Discoveries
The crews of Space Otter and Serenity investigate the events that have left them damaged and stranded in space. What they find has implications and consequences that bode ill for everyone.

26 Sep 2519 – 29 Sep 2519 – Game 07: Unexpected Consequences
We encounter unexpected snags on the dirt and in the black. Our crew uses their ingenuity and humor to get through them.

29 Sep 2519 – 02 Oct 2519 – Game 08: New Melbourne Interlude
Loose ends get tied and new ends are made.

01 Oct 2519 – 01 Oct 2519 – Game 09: Tea and Ninjas
A tea party is crashed and the lady vanishes

01 Oct 2519 – 02 Oct 2519 – Game 10: Pieces of a Puzzle
The crew finds clues as to how and starts searching for the why.

02 Oct 2519 – 08 Oct 2519 – Game 11: New Waters
We test new waters …

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