Broken Ms. Fix-It


Name: Xiu
Age: 23 (BD:2496)
Hair/Eyes: dk brown/brown
Skin: Asiatic
Build: Slim athletic build, strong upper body
Height: 5"-1"
Weight: 125

AP: 19 (as of 7/7)
PP: 6

AGL d8
STR d6
VIT d4
ALT d10
INT d10
WIL d4

Life Points: (Vit + Wil) = 8
Initiative: (Agl w/+2 step bonus + Alt)d8

Innate Defense: (Agl w/ +2 step bonus)
Block: (Agl + Skill)
Dodge: (Agl w/ +2 step bonus + Athl/Dodge)
All Out Defense: +2 Skill step bonus
Aim: +1 step/turn
All Out Offence: +2 Skill step bonus
Disarm: -2 Melee; -4 Ranged
Feint: Opposed Roll, defender’s loss = Innate Only
Base Movement: 15
Walk: 0 Actions
Hustle: 1 Action, Base Mov’t x2
Run: 2 Actions, Hustle + Agl + Athletics/Running

SKILLS (Adv pt cost = number of new die. i.e d6 to d8 = 8 pts)
Athletics  &nbsp                     d6
Covert (Slight of Hand)           d6 (d8)
Craft              d6
Discipline           d6
Guns (pistol)           d6 (d10)
Engineering (repairs)         d6 (d8)
Medical Expertise          d6
Perception           d6

COMPLICATIONS: 12pts (Buy off: Minor = 8pts, Major = 16pts)
Deadly Enemy                     
Superstitious +-2 on omens for GM # of rounds                            d4
Traumatic Flashbacks twice daily, frozen d2 turns, -2 skills for 10 minutes          
Twitchy -2 Int, paranoid                             

Math Wiz +2 int roll on accounting, engineering, nav, etc (BDH)                                   
Highly Educated +2 int and knowledge recall                 
Talented +2 skill points, -2 buy                            


Subject to GM approval:

Xiu was the daughter of a gay couple, Zhang and Yun, engineered in their younger days from both their DNA and a donor egg. Her fathers’ both worked in weapons Research and Development for the Alliance, always at the forefront of developing the next generation of technology. When the War for Independence broke out, they stayed loyal to the Alliance only because they knew before most when the Alliance could gain and maintain tactical advantages. Secretly, they tried to keep advances measured, never giving the Alliance all they could have and decisively win the conflict.
Just before Xiu’s tenth birthday, former co-workers tried to gain prestige by passing off ideas closeted by Zhang and Yun. An investigation revealed the true origin date, and subsequently originators, of the research. The Alliance pressed to have Xiu placed into the Academy as a matter of utilizing her potential, and her parents hoped to settle question of their loyalties.
Burdened with their hope, Xiu endured the horrors of the Academy for her parent’s sake, until a neighbor sent a coded message to her saying her parents had gone missing. Xiu talked a classmate into hacking their files. She confirmed her parents death and they set out to sabotage the compound and escape. Her classmate was recaptured, but Xiu managed to escape disguised as one of their androids. What she could decipher of their programming horrified her. She was on the run a few weeks before boarding the Sea Otter.


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