Oksana Arkadyevna Vernadskaya

Doctor. Traveler. Wounded Idealist.


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Name: Oksana Arkadyevna Vernadskaya
Age: 33 (BD:2486)
Hair/Eyes: dk brown/brown
Skin: Caucasian
Build: Slim but athletic build, fit, stronger than she looks
Height: 5"-9"
Weight: 145

AP: 07 (17 Aug 2013/Game 07)
PP: 03 End of Game (18 Aug 2013/Game 07)

AGL d6
STR d6
VIT d6
ALT d6
INT d10
WIL d8

Life Points: (Vit + Wil) = 14
Initiative: (Agl w/+2 step bonus + Alt)
Burst of Strength: Str + Str
Out of Harm’s Way: Agl + Alt
Long Haul: Str + Vit
Memorize: Int + Alt
Recall: Int + Wil
Resist: Vit + Vit

Innate Defense: (Agl w/ +2 step bonus)
Block: (Agl + Skill)
Dodge: (Agl w/ +2 step bonus + Athl/Dodge)
All Out Defense: +2 Skill step bonus
Aim: +1 step/turn
All Out Offence: +2 Skill step bonus
Disarm: -2 Melee; -4 Ranged
Feint: Opposed Roll, defender’s loss = Innate Only
Base Movement: 15
Walk: 0 Actions
Hustle: 1 Action, Base Mov’t x2
Run: 2 Actions, Hustle + Agl + Athletics/Running

SKILLS (Adv pt cost = number of new die. i.e d6 to d8 = 8 pts)
Medical Expertise                                        d8
               Internal Medicine                         d10
               Pharmaceuticals                           d10
               Surgery                                           d10
               Forensics                                        d10
               Toxicology                                      d10
               Rehab                                              d10
Athletics                                                         d8
               Dodge                                              d10
Melee Weapon CBT                                    d4
Unarmed CBT                                              d6
Gun                                                                d6
Knowledge                                                    d6
Perception                                                    d6
Influence                                                      d6
               Persuasion                                    d8
Planetary Vehicles                                      d4
Craft (Cooking)                                           d4
               Culinary                                         d8

Skills Wishlist
Influence, Streetwise, Medical Expertise:Plastic Surgery (specialty)

COMPLICATIONS: 12pts (Buy off: Minor = 8pts, Major = 16pts)
Dark Secret +4 (BDH)                    d8
Twitchy +2 (BDH)                           d4
Straight Shooter +2 (1st Ed)         d2-d6
Hyperfocused +2 (Rockwood)     (n/a)
Credo +2 (1st Ed)                            d4

Sawbones -4 (BDH)                                   d2+
Tough as Nails -2 (Rockwood)                d6
Talented -2 (Rockwood)                           d2-d6
Lightning Reflexes -2 (Rockwood)         d2+
Renaissance Man -2 (Rockwood)           (See GM)

Points Tracking:
Balance AP: 07 (18 Aug 2013)
Game 01:
Oskana Not Introduced
Game 02:
AP: +3 for game; +1 quick thinking; +2 IC Russian accent; = 6 AP
Game 03:
AP: +2 for game; +2 doctoring; subtotal = 4; balance: 10 AP
PP: end game w/4 PP
PP Spend: 4PP from Game 02 + 6PP from game start = 10PP
10PP – 8PP (buy d8 for Perception) = 2 PP
Game 04:
AP: +2 for game; +1 med speak, +1 give GM plot hook; subt = 4; balance: 14 AP
PP: +3 for quotes; -1 to make pharm cocktail work; subt = 2; balance: 4 PP
Game 05:
AP: +2 for game; +1 deck plans; subt = 3; balance: 17
PP: +3 for pithy quotes, -1 for reroll; subt = 2; balance: 6 PP
Game 06:
AP: +2 for game; +1 PP convert; +2 beer & images; subt = 5; balance: 22
PP: +1 for doctoring; subt = 1; balance: 7
Start AP: 22
Bought: Influence d6, Persuasion specialty d8
Spend AP: d2 + d4 + d6 + d8 = 20 (subtract from Start AP)
Balance AP: 2
Game 07:
AP: +4 for game and role play; +1 beer; subt = 5; balance: 7
PP: +1 non-violent evasion; +1 technobabble; -2 for +2 step bonus;-1 raise roll 1 pt;-1 reroll; -1 tell crew where trank patches stored; balance: 3
Game 08:
AP: +2 for game/role play; +1 beer; +1 food; +1 log; subt = +5; balance: 12
PP: +0; subt = 0; balance: 3
Game 09:
AP: + 3 for game/role play; subt = 3; balance 15
PP: +1 for quip; + 1 for doctoring and scene diagnosis; – 2 for plot detail; sub = 3; balance: 3
Game 09:
Spend AP: – 6 AP (raise d4 Craft to d6 Craft); subt = -6; Balance AP: 9
Game 10:
Spend AP: – 8 AP (raise d6 Craft to specialize: Culinary d8); subt = -8; Balance AP: 1
Game 10:
AP Start = 1: +3 play; +1 food; +1 records and mechanics; Subt = +5; AP Balance: 6
PP Start = 3: +1 quip; +1 chocolate ; Subt = 2; PP Balance: 5
Game 11:
AP Start = 6: +3 for play, +1 game log; subt = 4; balance: 10
PP Start = 5: +1 quip about caterpillar drive ; subt = 1; balance: 6
Game 12:
AP Start = 10: ?; subt = ?; balance: ?
PP Start = 6: ?; subt = ?; balance: ?



Oksana Arkadyevna Vernadskaya, was born in 2486 to Arkady Borisovich Vernadsky and Nadia Timofeyevna Vernadskaya (nee Tarkova). She hasn’t seen her family in years. Oksana will not elaborate on her family or origins if she’s asked, other than to confirm she’s ethnically Russian and hails from what all the maps call Meadow. As a child, she was serious but liked to have fun. Would delve into things she was passionate about. As an adult, she’s had so few friends that finding them would be hard and their being able to find words to describe her adequately would be harder. For the moment, she’s something of a cipher and while she’s not rude about it, it appears she’d like to keep it that way.

In her profession as a doctor, she’s fully accredited and has an astonishing degree of proficiency in many specialties. She will say she acquired her expertise by the constant traveling she’s done since her college days. She will admit she’s been from one end of the Verse to the other, offering her services without reservation. The political affiliation of the patient means nothing to her as a tending physician. The only thing that matters is saving life where she can, improving it wherever she goes (no matter how humble the effort), and exchanging knowledge with other physicians she meets. If everyone gave freely of their gifts, perhaps the Verse would be in better shape than it currently is.

As a consequence, she often falls into her work and has to be coaxed out of it. That ability to hyperfocus can be a bonus: She has been known to run into a battle zone to treat the injured without flinching. That singular focus has a downside: she often falls into her work and has to be coaxed out of it. It also drives her to be exceedingly organized, keeping everything in their proper places in medbay—she expects everything to be where she needs it when she needs it. Interruption of her work flow or thoughts when treating a patient is something to avoid whenever possible. If one inspects her quarters or any galley she appropriates as a cook, those spaces will be as ruthlessly organized as her medbay.

To aid that organization, she’s not a collector of bric-a-brac. Her personal effects can easily fit into a medium duffle—and that’s when she’s at her pack-rattiest. She normally keeps herself ready to pick up and leave at a moment’s notice and does not evince much attachment to things she must leave behind.

Psychological Profile

Sep 2519 – Oct 2519
Since joining Space Otter Oksana has opened up to the crew to a degree she hasn’t done in years. Where this development will lead her is still unknown.

Character Soundtrack

More tracks will be added as they become relevant to Oksana’s character arc.

Oksana Arkadyevna Vernadskaya

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